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Re-vitalizing and transformative Health Program

Launch Your Life offers a unique health program that features Massage Therapy, Health Coaching and Mindfulness instruction. Shanai focuses on Bio-Individuality and personalizes every program to fit each clients ideal goals and needs. By addressing primary food (Career, Relationships, Exercise and Spirituality) and secondary food (the actual nourishment you provide your physical body) you can rest assured your life will transform.




Fascia=Layer of tissue surrounding every structure in the body

By using slow firm movements, Myofascial release addresses the chronic holding patterns in the body and provides long lasting results.


Ignite or Re-Ignite the Energy within. By using Cranial Sacral we will re-calibrate your Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), Chakra Crystals to balance, Reflexology to Detoxify, Reiki to realign the Chi within and Tarot cards for further insight into the direction of your Life.


Guided meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness centering sessions are also provided. Meditation has been proven to decrease stress, and stress is one of the leading causes to sickness and death. By decreasing stress, you are adding longevity to your lifetime.


6 month health coaching program that includes weekly recipes, blogs, newsletters, and free giveaways. There are 3 separate packages to chose from the Entry Level, Active Level and Launched Level. All 3 are created for each bio-individual and will focus on both primary foods and secondary foods.


Incorporating cups into any massage session is detoxifying, elongating and toning. The cups will get 4 inches deep into the muscle tissue in an expansive way. Cupping is one of the most ancient forms of Bodywork originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Ever get burnt out with all the diet fads? Wanting to change something, you just don't know where to begin? Here at Launch Your Life, we teach mindful lifestyle choices and will hand select individually for you the changes in your Diet, Exercise, and Movement necessary to make those changes!

Bodywork Sessions

Shanai Olson specializes in a Myofascial technique that addresses the surrounding layers of tissue (fascia) that supports the bodies function and re-aligns the structure. We also offer Reflexology, Swedish massage, Shiatsu/Thai, Hot stone, Cupping, and Cranial Sacral. Together we will work on creating the perfect health regime to rid your body of pain and increase energy.

1-Hr Session                               



90-min Session



2-hr Session 



Cancellation Policy

Cancellations/Reschedules must be before 24 hours of schedule apt, if after the 24 hr mark 50% of the session will be due before re-booking as well as a Credit Card Payment stored on file.

3 pack series

Save $5 per session, for a total of $15 off

5 pack series

Save $10 per session, for a total of $50 off

10 pack series

Save $15 per session, for a total of $150 off

**Series applicable to 60, 90 and 120 min session, can be gifted, have a 1 yr expiration, and all sales are final**

Group Workshops

Immersive workshops and retreats we have planned for you

Visit the Workshop page to learn more!

Coaching Paths

Choose which program resonates with you most

Entry Level


Per Month

(2) 50 min coaching session

Free Giveaways

Weekly Recipes

6-month Program

Active Level


Per Month

(2) 50 min coaching session

90-min massage

Free Giveaways

Self-Care Massage Tips

Anatomy Education

Launched Level


Per Month

(2) 50 min coaching session

90-min massage

1-hr mindful stretching

Free Giveaways

Stretching Routines

Fitness Exploration


"If you don't plan on taking care of your BODY, where do you plan to LIVE?"

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