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Master LMT, Health Coach, Meditation Teacher & Pilates Instructor

Welcome my friend, my name is Shanai Olson. I am here to switch up the game! I have a strong desire to share my experience and growth in re-creating the way I CHOOSE to live and how I learned to manifest my dream reality. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Integrative Health Coach, Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and am obtaining my STOTT Pilates Certificate. With over 20 years spent studying the body's function and movement, the mind's powers and limitations and the soul's capacity, I have become a 'trust fund baby of the Universe' in the way of Experiences, which have helped me grow, transform and launch into a new powerful way of living. Contact me today to start living your purpose!

Hot Stone Massage


To be of assistance to those in my community by offering affordable bodywork, health coaching, and spiritual practices. By addressing ones' mind, body and spirit, I believe you CAN achieve optimal health and wellness.


I hope to be a leader in shifting the way humans co-habit the earth. I want to see sustainable farming re-emerge, the environment to make a come back into a flourishing world again, and  every living BODY to be of optimal health.

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